Do you offer transportation to and from school?
We offer both pick-up and drop off to school. Our drivers are highly trained to focus on safety and security of the children at all times during transportation. All children must be safely buckled and a roster is maintained of all children being picked up and dropped off. We want to ensure your child is safe at all times.

Do you offer meals?
We offer nutrious meals free of charge that are included in the rate. We participate in the CACFP Federal Food Program. We ensure you children are well fed, fed appropriate and quality items, and monitored on a contual basis to ensure the program meets the nutritional needs of the children. All menus are posted weekly in the lobby and include breakfast, lunch, and dinner and also morning and afternoon snacks to the parents at no extra charge. We post the meal schedule so you know what your children are eating and can plan appropriately at home.

Do you have a curriculum and enrichment program for the children?
We have a strong theme-based curriculum program. Our theme weeks are identified and communicated to reinforce the curriculum and make the experience fun for the children while they learn. We have a focus on kindergarten readiness goals in all of our rooms. Our lesson plans include areas such as art, science, math, language, music, and indoor and outdoor play.

Do you take the children on field trips?
We offer a robust summer program that focuses on education, fun, and safety. Some of the areas we may go include the children’s museum, water slides, roller skating, bowling, dairy farms, and the State Capitol. We look for educational and fun field trips to provide a stimulating, educational experience for your child during breaks and the summer.

Does every age group have nap time?
We have a scheduled “quiet” time, during which children are free to read, do puzzles, and nap if they’d like.

Can you explain DES Certification?
DES is offered to children who meet certain income requirements. In Arizona, if a parent meets certain income requirements, they can apply for DES childcare subsidy. In essence, the childcare is paid for through the DES program. In some cases, the parent will owe a co-payment to us depending on their income. A child can also be placed on DES if they are a CPS case or placed on DES through the Maximus program.

What is the typical number of children in your care daily?
This number is subject to change; we have capacity for over 200 children.

Are your facilities handicap accessible?
We work hard to ensure our facilities are able to accommodate the needs of all children. We customize our program to meet the needs of each child enrolled in our center.

What kind of regulations do you have to keep in mind?
We comply with all of the Arizona DHS Licensure requirements. We also participate in the Quality First Program/First Things First where many of our standards exceed the Arizona Licensure Requirements. We also participate in DES as well as the CACFP Federal Food Program to ensure all children are fed a nutritious meal. We are regulated by the federal and the state government in addition to several local government agencies. Our goal is to always exceed these standards because we have built our centers on the best practices for child care.