Infant Care

Cactus Kids offers a dedicated area for infant care and nurturing.  We realize the importance of providing a stimulating environment for your infant. Young children need stimulation and interaction throughout their lives, but lack of enrichment can be most damaging in the very early years. Connections in the brain become stronger when they are used often and connections that are not used die away. The old saying “use it or lose it” applies even to babies. Babies need stimulation to develop socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Our first priority is to ensure your baby is loved and appropriately stimulated. In addition, your little one will not only grow, but also learn, while receiving one-on-one care from one of our highly qualified teachers, and playing with toys made just for learning.

The Right Infant Care Program

  • The Cactus Kids Infant Room is staffed with Certified Teachers
  • Meals and Formula are included
  • Our Full-time Infants each have their own crib

Cactus Kids Infant Program currently offers both Full-time and Part-time Infant Care

Infants are read to one-on-one in a cozy rocking chair. Cactus Kids wants to set the foundation that helps your infant develop a love for books and learning. Reading will build your child’s vocabulary as they hear new words and sounds. The more frequently babies are read and spoken to, the larger their vocabularies become.

Infant Care & Developmental Growth

Studies have shown that babies need attention and physical contact. At Cactus Kids we understand this–we cuddle, love, and coo your baby while helping their emotional growth development. Our teachers are here to provide your baby with activities that are developmentally appropriate and encourage growth.

Our Infant care program encourages your baby to explore the area surrounding them, while working on their cognitive, language, physical, and social-emotional developmental growth.

The materials we use at Cactus Kids bring forth your babies natural curiosity. Only high-quality educational materials are used in our Infant care program, providing an environment full of learning experiences. As your baby grows, we change with their needs, continuing a steady growth development.

Guiding Infant Care by Providing Room to Grow

“It is clear that a child needs space to be able to crawl, more than there is in a little crib or play-pen. Children will only develop if they are given the opportunity to try out different movements when they want to.The opportunity to move is important, but to do so when they want to is even more important.”

All of the teachers in our infant care program at Cactus Kids gently guide and provide continual support as your baby goes from learning to crawl to taking their first steps. We use these tips and want to share them with you:

  • Give room to test movement skills.
  • Talk positively about their movements.
  • Give visual examples of walking around.
  • Decrease TV time to prevent distraction from learning.

Image of cute baby boy covered with green towel isolated on whit