After School Program

At Cactus Kids, we believe our school aged children are well on their way to becoming BRIGHT FUTURE STARS!! This doesn’t happen without the loving guidance and support by the people who care about them. We understand you as parents want the very best for your child and their future. At Cactus Kids, we offer a quality and robust school age program and summer program to meet you and your child’s needs.


While in our before/after school program, children can enjoy a variety of entertaining and educational activities in a safe and nurturing environment. We’re here to listen, talk, and be a comfort to your children. It’s all about being fully present and facilitating children’s’ relationship building, social time, and just being with their friends. From homework to physical activities and games, your child will experience a balance of learning and fun!


Studies show children who eat a healthy breakfast are more successful in school and are better prepared for the day. At Cactus Kids every child is offered adequate, nutritious meals and snacks made by our in-house cooking staff. We know that your home can be busy and hectic each morning, and we work hard to ease your burden and stress.


It is our goal to accommodate working families by providing care when your child cannot be at their elementary school. We are flexible with the school schedules by picking up early on early release days and providing care on days the schools are closed. Your child will be safely transported where they need to be and when they need to be. All of our drivers are CPR and First Aid Certified, and we strictly follow all safety regulations with school vans.


We know as a parent you are busy and when you pick up your child, you may need assistance to help keep your young adult on track. We know that having your child complete their homework is important to you and there is not always enough time in the day to get this done after work. We want you to know we are there to support you and your child and work with your child to keep them on track.

We strive to develop an individualized plan with input from you as a parent. If you want us to help with your child’s homework, we listen to you and work with your child. We work with your child to get to know their schedule, routine, regular assignments, and work with your child to set up time each day for them to complete their assignments and homework. Our staff and teachers are there to guide, coach and support your child with their homework. We establish a “Homework Club” so our children feel like they are part of a larger group and have a separate area, table, and tablecloth the children can use as “scratch and doodle” paper to help them with homework.


Fun, theme-based educational games are planned to promote teamwork and memories of their childhood. We play games with your children and work hard to ensure your child can work in a team environment. Coaching and feedback is provided to keep your child on track when needed. We know that each child is unique and each child has their own personal interests.

We truly listen to your child’s interests and develop age appropriate activities that stimulate and encourage the development of those interests. Development is promoted in areas such as art, science, math, imagination centers, and challenge areas that include games, puzzles, competitions, etc.