Pre Kindergarten Program

In the Cactus Kids Pre-Kindergarten Program, we will bring out and help develop your child’s emotional, physical, and cognitive needs. Parents are a child’s first teacher. A child that receives early childhood education before age 5, is more likely to succeed in grade school, high school, and beyond.

Quality pre-kindergarten is more than just an “early start”. Studies have shown how quality pre-kindergarten programs can help kids establish a love of learning that will benefit them their entire lives.

We pride ourselves on providing personally appropriate teacher-child relationships while providing an evolving and creative curriculum in high-quality classrooms.

Pre-Kindergarten Readiness

Our Pre-Kindergarten Program provides activities that engage and prepare your child for Kindergarten. Our teachers sit down with your child and write about their day, helping their creative writing process and language skills.

Each child will feel as though they belong, with pictures of them decorating the classrooms, giving them a sense of belonging at Cactus Kids.

As we read and tell stories with your child, it helps to create meaningful conversations with them, giving each child a chance to voice their own thoughts and views.

Benefits of Your Child Attending Our Pre-Kindergarten Program:

  • Pre-Kindergarten helps children perform better on standardized tests.
  • Learning Life Skills
  • Increased abilities in Language Arts, Handwriting, Math, and Science.
  • Making new friends, helping build their social skills
  • Snacks and full homemade meals are provided
  • Teachers who care about your child as much as you do
  • Full bathroom facilities at all times to reinforce their potty training

A Successful Pre-Kindergarten Program

Other benefits for your child attending a successful Pre-Kindergarten Program include the ability to count to 10, identify both shapes and colors, the ability to write their name, as well as coping skills needed for children heading into full time school.

By expanding your child’s emotional and social coping skills we can help ensure their success in Kindergarten and life.

Knowing if your child is ready for Kindergarten can be determined if they have the following skills:

  • Cleans up when asked to
  • Follows directions well
  • Follows routines
  • Identifies their feelings and expresses them in an appropriate manner
  • Enjoys and plays well with other children